Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Get Rich Not Clever

Deliver a clear sales message. Don't let a clever delivery spoil or obscure your message.

This advice comes from Jay Conrad Levinson in his book "Guerrilla Marketing Excellence." And I agree with him completely.

The idea of delivering a clear sales message is a concept that I think about every day in my press release business. If you hire me to write a press release about your software and send it to the editors, then my job is to deliver your message, and to make my delivery as invisible as possible.

If I send a press release to the editors, and their only thought is, "Wow! This is a well-written press release," then I've failed. My job is to get the editors to think, "Wow! This is great software. I need to tell my readers about it."

Similarly, software developers' websites have to deliver the message about the application, and not deliver bleeding-edge technology that gets prospects thinking about the mechanics or appearance of the  website. Your website should be modern, but it shouldn't deliver an experience that gets in the way of the sales presentation.

Make prospects remember the marketing idea, and not what Levinson calls the "showtime glitter."

Showtime and marketing do not necessarily complement each other. Don't be clever. Instead, concentrate on selling your software.

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