Saturday, August 2, 2014

microISVs, Bands, and Watches

Wearable technology will be a growth area for software developers in the coming years and decades.

Nielsen surveyed 3,956 online users who said that they were interested in connected life technologies. Seventy percent of them were aware of wearable technology. Fifteen percent currently use wearable technology.

Today, fitness bands and smart watches make up the vast majority of wearable tech items. There doesn't seem to be a thriving market for smart toothbrushes that tattle on kids who don't brush long enough.

Twenty-nine percent of the people surveyed reported that they earn more than $100,000(US) per year. Surprisingly, 72 percent of the respondents say that wearables are too expensive.

It's too early to abandon desktop, laptop, smartphone, and tablet software development in favor of programming for wearables. But it's not too early to think about turning your existing applications into money-makers in the growing world of wearable tech.

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