Friday, October 3, 2014

Let Your Software Customers Win

Every business has to let its customers win.

So says Ronald A. Nykiel, the author of "You Can't Lose if the Customer Wins - Ten Steps to Service Success."

"It doesn't mean giving away the shop; it means imparting to the customer the perception that he or she is winning."

Some specific tips, translated into the software development industry, include

  • Honor all expired coupons, sales prices, and other offers that are no longer current
  • Upgrade your service levels, but don't raise prices.

Nykiel urges us to think of our business as a series of points of encounter with our customers, and to optimize each one of them to deliver more to our customers. That's good software marketing advice.

There are more insights about the customer's perspective in my Software Marketing Glossary.

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