Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Telephone Calls Generate Software Sales

"You'll never really understand people unless you go out and meet them." So says Joe M. Gandolfo, an accomplished insurance salesman and one of the sales professionals featured in Robert L. Shook's book "Ten Greatest Salespersons - What They Say About Selling."

Gandolfo's advice about talking with prospects and customers is in stark contrast to the common microISV practice of discouraging people from telephoning them with sales or support questions. Software developers assume that website visitors with questions will email them their queries.

"By asking a lot of questions and then shutting up and listening," Gandolfo explains, "I find that I sell more insurance."

On a related topic, Gandolfo says that demand for his services is high because he sells concepts, and not a specific product. Software developers can deliver a similar message on their websites by offering solutions to business problems, rather than simply selling software applications with particular feature sets.

There are hundreds of great software marketing ideas hidden in sales books that don't immediately appear to be related to the software development industry. It's usually a simple task to translate success stories from other industries into opportunities for increased software sales for microISVs.

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