Friday, October 24, 2014

The Editors' Press Release Schedules

Perhaps the question that I get asked most often is, "How long will it take editors to print or post my press release?"

It takes three to four months to get into the monthly print publications. The weekly trade magazines, and the editors who write computer or business columns for daily newspapers, can respond in three to four weeks.

Sometimes the print editors and website editors work together and coordinate the timing of their announcements. With some publications, the online editors can respond almost immediately, while the print editors' write-ups are printed weeks or months later.

Bloggers who aren't affiliated with print or online journals can generally respond much more quickly. But the busy bloggers have a queue, too, and may not be able to respond nearly as quickly as you would expect.

Most editors save all of their incoming news releases for 12 to 24 months. They use them as reference material. And they use them for "roundup articles". These roundup articles have titles such as "The Ten Top Excel Add-Ins" or "This Year's Hottest To-Do Apps for iPhone/iPad".

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