Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Telephone Interruptions and microISVs

We've been trained to believe that phone interruptions are legitimate. They're not, Alec Mackenzie tells us. Mackenzie is author of the book "The Time Trap - Twenty Reasons for Poor Time Management."

Mackenzie believes that we have all sorts of excuses for accepting phone calls that we shouldn't:

  • We don't want to offend people by not welcoming their phone calls.
  • We want to know what's going on in the world.
  • We think we deserve taking breaks, and phone calls are breaks.
  • We believe phone calls provide fun opportunities to socialize.

Mackenzie urges us to learn techniques for ending phone conversations. The author suggests things like "Before we hang up, ..." and "I just have a minute or two before I need to run, ...".

I disagree with Mackenzie's premise. I view incoming phone calls as opportunities to learn more about my customers and prospects. People who call me tell me things that allow me to change my services to make them more valuable to my software developer customers. Phone calls give me an opportunity to bounce new ideas off of prospects.

Sure, you can spend too much time on the phone. But as a general rule, most microISVs could significantly increase their income if they spent more time talking with customers and prospects.

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