Thursday, December 18, 2014

Marketing is Science

"Marketing, like science, isn't about knowing all the answers when you start out. It's about experimenting, measuring the results, analyzing them, and then making adjustments based on what you find out."

So says Sergio Zyman in his book "The End of Marketing As We Know It." Marketing has nothing to do with having an intuitive feel for style or drama.

Marketing is science. You do stuff. You collect data, look at it, and make changes. Rinse. Repeat.

Be sure to analyze both your successes and your failures, Zyman urges.

Try things that might work. Then test, measure, and revise.

Zyman tells us not to be afraid to change tactics. Stick to the strategies, keep an eye on the destination, and try different tactics to meet your goals.

I'll leave you with one more quotation from Sergio Zyman:

"Don't be blinded by your assumptions. Just because you run a promotion and it works doesn't mean that it worked for the reasons that you thought it would."

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