Friday, December 5, 2014

Waiting for Editors to Phone You

Eight or ten years ago, it was common for editors to phone or email software developers if they were going to print their press release information.

Today, however, it's very rare to hear from an editor. So, if you do receive a software editor's response to your press release, it's probably a good sign that the press will be interested in your application.

You'll generally find out that you're in print or posted on the Internet when prospects phone you, or when you notice an increase in your downloads, or when you receive a Google Alert. If an editor or blogger needs a screenshot, or wants an evaluation copy of your program, they may phone you before they print your information. But most editors won't notify microISVs before using their New Product Announcements.

Press releases give purchasers a chance to think about your software.

Your competitors are using news releases to sell more of their application programs. Press releases are a cost-effective way to generate sales. Start your news release campaign today.

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