Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Battery Power is Growing

Batteries are getting better. If you've had an idea for a laptop application or a smartphone app, but you've been reluctant to develop it because you worry that it would consume too much battery power on your users' devices, then the solution is right around the corner.

According to ABI Research, as reported in a recent issue of Processor Magazine, both battery technology and charging technology are getting better. Today's Lithium and graphite batteries are being replaced by new batteries that use silicon anode, Germanium, and pure Lithium. And these new technologies offer much better battery life.

There's good news in the world of battery charging, too. ABI Research points out that the future will include affordable "multi-device inductive charging mats,...ambient radio frequency energy harvesting and dedicated beamed radio frequency energy."

ABI says that the typical "advanced market home" has more than 10 devices such as laptops, smartphones, wearables, and tablets. By 2019, they estimate that there will be 8 billion of these devices in use.

New battery and new battery charging technologies will make these devices more useful. And these technologies will make it more attractive for software developers to write and market software for these devices.

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