Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mass Marketing is Over

Sergio Zyman says that mass marketing is a thing of the past.

In five years, Zyman took Coca-Cola's sales from ten billion cases a year to fifteen billion cases a year. During the same period, the company's market value grew from $40 billion (US) to $160 billion. So, I tend to listen to Zyman's pronouncements about marketing.

Mass marketing

Sergio Zyman and Scott Miller, in their book "Building Brandwidth - Closing the Sale Online," say that mass marketing has been replaced by one-to-one marketing.

The two elements of mass marketing, according to Zyman and Miller, are

  • Crafting one message for everybody, and
  • Dumbing the message down to the audience which is least able to figure out what you're selling.

One-to-one marketing

Software developers need to target specific groups of prospects, and deliver a sales message that each group will find attractive. These sales messages must keep prospects engaged as long as possible, because that makes it more likely that they'll buy from us.

Your website needs to have separate sales pages for each audience that you're targeting. And you need to establish a home page regimen that allows prospects to determine which target group they belong to. They need to easily find a page that speaks to them in a language that they'll understand.

Targeting multiple audiences

For example, if you're selling network administration software, then you need to target experienced network admins who know what they're doing, as well as newbies who earned the Network Administrator title a few days ago. If you write a single page for both audiences, you'll miss an opportunity to sell more of your software. The experienced people don't need the kind of hand-holding that the newbies need. And the newbies won't understand the language or technology that the experienced network administrators need to make a buying decision.

In addition, you need a page that targets computer consultants. And, no doubt, there are other target audiences that need to have a message that's tailored to their needs.

Do you have a particularly challenging audience of prospects? A mixed bag of potential customers with different needs? I'll help you design a series of sales messages to reach a wide range of your prospective clients. Visit the "Rent Al's Brain" page on my website to learn more.

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