Monday, February 9, 2015

Craft Strong Sales Messages
for your Software

Your website sales message has to be crisp and strong. Every component of your website has to contribute to the sales process. You have too many competitors to use your home page or your product pages to tell an interesting story. Your website has to sell.

The trial version of your software has to sell, too. Don't expect your prospects to figure out what to do with the mostly-gray screen that they'll be staring at after they've installed and started running your trial version. Make it easy to find a QuickStart Guide or a series of getting-started Tips. Let them easily find a sample file to play with. Otherwise, most prospects will simply uninstall your application's trial version.

Your competitors' sales messages are getting stronger and stronger. You need to continually work on your marketing presentation if you want to build your sales and profits. Make every word on your website help you sell more software.

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