Saturday, February 21, 2015

Expert Video Tips
from an Advertising Legend

David Ogilvy offers some expert advice for producing a TV ad. And most of the ideas from his 1983 book "Ogilvy on Advertising" apply to the efforts of today's software developers to create video promotions of their software.

Here's Ogilvy's advice for video producers:

  • Mention the brand early and often. Most people forget the brand, and even confuse you with your direct competitors.
  • Show the package.
  • Open with a splash.
  • Try using sound effects.
  • Talking actors are more effective than voice-over.
  • Don't be afraid to superimpose words over your images, to reinforce your sales message.
  • Make the visuals exciting. Or at least interesting.
  • Changing scenes confuses people. Explain your transitions.
  • Show the product being used.
  • Be clear. It's easy for viewers to misunderstand your message.

These are great ideas from David Ogilvy, one of the legends in the field of advertising. And good software marketing advice for today's microISVs.

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