Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Cybercrime and Software Marketing

Business owners and managers aren't sure what to do about cybercrime. So says a study by Software Advice (as reported in a recent issue of Processor Magazine.)

Some of the interesting numbers for software developers are:

  • 66% of businesses are worried that their companies might be hit by cybercrime.
  • 21% were not comfortable that their sensitive data is secure.
  • 31% said that they did not fully understand their companies' liabilities.
  • 36% of respondents said that their firms had insurance policies in place to cover losses related to cybercrime.
  • 27% weren't sure if their company had a plan to deal with cybercrime.
  • 17% responded that they didn't think that it was necessary for their company to have a plan.

Software developers need to include descriptions of their security regimens when describing their applications' features and benefits. Whether you're offering programs for desktops and laptops, apps for tablets and smartphones, or software that runs in the cloud, talk about the things that are built into your software to protect it from hacking, identity theft, and all of the other security threats that have business owners and managers worried.

It's good software marketing.

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