Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Empathy and Software Sales

You'll sell more software if your prospects think that you can empathize with them. And one way to achieve empathy with software buyers is to let your target audience know that you're "one of them".

I naturally empathize with my customers, 99 percent of whom are software developers. I try to remind my prospects that I'd spent 15+ years doing application development work before starting my press release and marketing business in the mid 1980s.

Reveal your empathy with your software prospects -

  • Many educational software developers could tell prospects that they developed their software for their own children. Tell prospects if you have teaching experience. Make them feel that you understand how important it is to educate youngsters.
  • If you're marketing music software, talk about your experience as a musician or as a music lover.
  • Marketers of business software can mention that they originally developed their application to use in their own company. 

Make your prospects know that you understand the problems that they face. It's good software marketing.

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