Monday, April 13, 2015

Help Software Prospects Decide

Consumers know that they have choices, Sergio Zyman tells us. But they don't know how to decide.

In his excellent book "The End of Marketing As We Know It," Zyman says that we can help consumers decide. While Zyman's experience is in selling Coca-Cola and not software, he wants us to help prospects decide by defining ourselves, by defining our competitors, and by positioning ourselves in the marketplace.

Most importantly, Zyman believes that we should never let price be "the tiebreaker."

Even if there aren't big differences between your software and the applications that your competitors are offering, make sure you tell your prospects why yours is different - and better. Don't let them define the criteria for comparing your software with your competitors' applications. If you do, many of them will do it on the basis of price. And that's not good software marketing.

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