Thursday, April 16, 2015

Selling Software for Kids

It's never simple to sell software designed to be used by children. That's because there are so many people you need to target with your software marketing message: The youngsters, their parents, their teachers, and perhaps their homeschool teachers, grandparents, and other caregivers.

In his book "Why We Buy - The Science of Shopping," Paco Underhill discusses the challenges of dealing with kids in brick-and-mortar stores. Kids play two roles in stores, Underhill explains -

  • If they're the target of the store's marketing, then the store has to welcome them. Otherwise, their parents will immediately figure out that the kids aren't comfortable, and the parents will leave.
  • If kids accompany adults when adults shop for their own wants and needs, then you'd better have a way to keep the children occupied while you're trying to sell to their parents.

It's complicated online, too, whether you're selling educational software or home entertainment applications. You need to design a website sales message that parents and grandparents will appreciate. And you need to have plenty of content designed for the youngsters, so they'll coax their parents to buy your software.

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