Thursday, April 2, 2015

Windows PC Sales will grow
faster than iOS sales

According to recent growth projections released by Gartner (and reported in Processor Magazine,) Windows PC sales will grow faster than iOS device sales.

Gartner's research director Ranjit Atwal said, "From 2015, we expect Windows to grow faster than iOS, as the PC market stabilizes and the challenge for the next iPhone to find significant growth becomes greater, narrowing the gap between the two operating systems."

Gartner reports that 318 million PCs were shipped in 2014, 321 million will be shipped in 2015, and a projected 333 million will be shipped in 2016.

The shipment numbers for tablets and mobile phones (plus a tiny number of other mobile computers) for the three years are 2.060 billion, 2.148 billion, and 2,239 billion units.

For the past few years, industry pundits have been predicting the demise of the Windows desktop/laptop world. Gartner's projections are much more optimistic. Dabbling in the iOS and Android universes may continue to be attractive for many software developers. Developing for the world of Windows, however, will continue to provide a steady income for many small independent software vendors (microISVs).

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