Friday, May 8, 2015

Collecting Information Online

"Don't ask twice," Seth Godin tells us in his book "The Big Red Fez."

Godin believes that prospects and customers should be asked only once for information. The website should use cookies or a database to collect needed information, and never ask a second time for the same data.

After going online to report that a recent storm pulled the phone wires from my house, I'm tempted to send a copy of "The Big Red Fez" to my telephone carrier.

Here in the software development industry, it should be particularly easy for us to collect, maintain, and retrieve information without asking the user to type it more than once. And we can use this data to make the visitors' website excursions more pleasant and productive.

Happy customers are much more likely to take out their credit cards than frustrated customers are. It's basic software marketing.

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