Friday, May 15, 2015

Competitors Matter -
Business Tips for Software Developers

Small independent software vendors (microISVs) can learn some of the lessons of businesses in the ski business and the golf business.

Charlie Jones and Kim Doren, authors of the book "That's Outside My Boat - Letting Go of What You Can't Control," write about the ideas of George Montgomery, former President and CEO of TaylorMade Golf.

In the ski business and in the golf business, Montgomery tells us, it's common to have swings in retail sales as large as 20 percent year over year. It's important to anticipate these financial and economic fluctuations, and adjust your inventory. Otherwise, you can have cash flow problems.

In the software development industry, microISVs usually don't have to worry about inventory issues. But there are cash flow issues, often related to what competitors are doing or how the economy is going, that need to be monitored.

Tune in to the general economic climate and to the marketing activities of your competitors. By being aware of forces in your marketing niche, you'll be able to do a better job of planning your marketing strategies.

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