Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Press Release Nouns and Pronouns -
News Release Writing Tips for Software Developers

Years ago, most press releases were written in the third person.

These antique press releases talked about the software by name, or referred to it using noun phrases such as the software, the program, or the application. Editors expected to receive formal, proper news releases.

In the early 2000s, as magazines and newspapers relaxed their writing styles and became much more conversational, press release writers started using a lot of pronoun-rich second-person writing, with you/your/you're words all over the place. But that's ancient history, too.

The search engines have changed how press releases are written. Pronouns are out, and keywords are in. If you're marketing an invoicing application, for example, you would be missing an SEO opportunity by saying "You can invoice your customers..." instead of "Entrepreneurs can invoice their customers...". Today, all of your "You can do this" and "You can do that" writing would be replaced (in this invoicing example) by "Business managers can do this" and "Billing professionals can do that".

While the most important audience for your press releases is the audience of human prospects, it's not a bad idea to write for the search engines, too.

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