Monday, May 4, 2015

Why Software Buyers
Don't Buy Your Software

In his book "Never Wrestle with a Pig," Mark McCormack writes about the reasons people aren't buying from you -

  • No money
  • No authority
  • Too much risk-aversion
  • No understanding of what you're offering
  • No affection for what you're selling
  • No affection for you personally
  • Lousy sales message

I believe that in the software development business, most people don't buy from you because they've never heard of you.

For most of us, this means that we're not using the basic tools of publicity - tools like press releases - to talk about the products and services that we offer. And we're not using Google and the other search engines well enough to target the people who should be using our products or services.

The solution is a combination of launching a news release campaign, adding keyword-rich content to our websites, and using basic SEO techniques. It's good software marketing.

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