Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Finding New
Software Development Opportunities

Lack of fresh ideas reflects a problem with the business owner's imagination, Philip Kotler tells us, and not a problem with the marketplace.

Kotler is author of the book "Ten Deadly Marketing Sins - Signs and Solutions."

By observing market environments, Kotler says, we can find ideas for new products and services. He defines the five market environments as
  • political
  • economic
  • social
  • technological
  • environmental
Kotler believes that we need to create a formal system to identify and pursue new product development ideas. We need to tap all of the people in our company, and all of our stakeholders.

Kotler says that there are no industries that are so mature that they lack opportunities for new ideas. And while there are some products and services that are marketed as commodities, there's no reason for any company to treat their products or services that way.

Finding new software development opportunities is good software marketing.

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