Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Solve Software Customers'
Problems Quickly

Listen to your customers' problems and requests, James H. Donnelly, Jr. says, and answer them quickly. Donnelly is the author of the book "Close to the Customer - 25 Management Tips from the Other Side of the Counter."

Don't pass the responsibility to solve a customer's problem to another employee, the author tells us, or you'll risk the ball being dropped.

The typical one-person independent software vendor (microISV) doesn't have another employee to pass the problem to. I think Donnelly would advise us to take care of the problem ourselves, quickly, so it doesn't get dropped. That's why the author named the chapter that discusses this topic "Hand-Offs Only Work in Football."

Donnelly also quotes Lau Tzu on a related topic: "If you ever live in a country run by a committee, be on the committee."

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