Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Can a Shopping Basket
Increase Your Software Sales?

When employees handed shopping baskets to customers holding three or more items, Paco Underhill tells us, sales went up.

Underhill is the author of the book "Why We Buy - The Science of Shopping." He has performed objective studies about how people make buying decisions in brick-and-mortar stores. And many of his ideas apply to microISVs who sell software online, too.

On your software web site, should you be encouraging customers to use your electronic shopping cart? Shopping cart abandonment is still a major problem in online sales. If somebody wants to buy a single item, you certainly don't want to confuse them with a shopping cart, or force them to start the sales process by putting something into a shopping cart, only to "take it out" a moment or two later.

You can create simple two-item bundles without a shopping cart. And without calling them bundles.

Offering shopping carts is an important factor in online sales for companies such as amazon.com. Could a shopping cart boost your software sales?

Measure your current sales. Add a shopping cart. Measure again.

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