Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Overcoming Procrastination
in Software Sales

No salesperson wants to hear you say, "I want to think it over." While this objection comes up a lot in face-to-face sales, it's even worse online. The Internet turns your software website into a procrastination machine.

Joe Girard, the author of "How to Close Every Sale," tells us that people procrastinate because they are afraid to make the wrong decision.

Girard knows a lot about sales. The Guinness book of World Records named Joe Girard "the world's greatest salesman." He sold 13,000 cars, with no fleet sales and no leases, in just 15 years. He knows a bit about face-to-face selling.

Translating Girard's ideas into the world of the software development industry, it's not just the $30 that you charge for your software that your prospects are concerned about. They also worry about the time that they'll be spending on it, as well as the fear that they might discover a better application next month. And they worry that their software-buying decision might be challenged by friends and colleagues. Take away prospects' fears and at the same time build up your software development company's credibility. You'll increase your software sales.

Enthusiasm is contagious, Girard explains. So is hesitation. The microISV's website has to enthusiastically talk about their software. Convince people that they need to start benefiting from owning your application. Urge them to buy.

I'm confident that Girard would tell you that it's good for your customer when you deliver a powerful sales presentation. You're helping your prospects by pushing them to make the right decision - the decision to buy your software. Don't be shy about it. And that's why believing in your software is so important to your being able to sell it effectively.

One approach to avoiding procrastination is to appeal to prospects' egos. Tell them that they're competent and important. They're certainly important enough to make a decision about buying your affordable software application.

Tell prospects that they deserve to enjoy the benefits of using your program. Parents make decisions every day about how to best educate their children. They should be comfortable making the decision to buy your program. Similarly, business managers and entrepreneurs make important business decisions every day. They have the authority to buy a site license for your application so they can increase the productivity of everybody in the office.

On the web, software developers need to anticipate procrastination, and deliver a sales message that encourages prospects to buy. Now.

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