Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Selling your Niche Software

Some software developers believe that their software targets such a tiny, specialized market that it makes no sense to blog about it, or write about it on Facebook or Twitter. Not so say Ann Handley and C.C. Chapmen in the case study about Indium Corporation in their book "Content Rules."

Indium manufactures and markets solder paste. And they have had a lot of success with blog postings and with social media sites. Before you decide that your software is too arcane for a blog, or that it targets a market that is too vertical to attract an audience on the social media sites, then I have two words for you - solder paste.

Indium does a good job of tracking their blog metrics. As a result of their blogging work, the number of their new contacts has increased by 600 percent.

The best bloggers, Handley and Chapman tell us, are good listeners, and not just good writers. These bloggers have to understand the problems that customers and prospects are trying to solve. The key to success for Indium is to have their bloggers write like real people, and not like salespeople.

If you love your software, then write about it on your microISV's blog. It's good software marketing.

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