Thursday, September 3, 2015

Start with your Strongest
Software Sales Message

The first words that people read are the most important. Choose these words well.

Or as Patricia T. O'Conner says, "Don't start out by clearing your throat."

O'Conner is the author of the book "Words Fail Me - What Everyone Who Writes Should Know About Writing." If she were writing about the software development industry, I think O'Conner would say something like, "On your web site, don't start by saying something vapid like 'Welcome to the Widget website'".

Similarly, don't talk about your mission statement. Instead, deliver your strongest software marketing message first. Or say why your prospect needs to buy your software.

Sell. Talk about your application's most powerful benefit. Say why the features that you offer will help your prospects.

O'Conner suggests a number of alternative ways to start your sales message:

Summarize your sales presentation.

This makes sense. Since your main message is "buy my software application," you could start with a summary of how the prospect will benefit by using your software.

Start with an anecdote. 

This might work - if you're sure that you understand your target audience, and you're sure that you know how to tell your prospects a good story.

Provide a description.

Tell prospects what your application does. That's what most software developers do. Unfortunately, most microISVs deliver a description of the application's features. Describing a rich mix of both benefits and features is a more effective way to sell your programs. Or talk about how your application solves a problem.

Regardless of how you structure your sales message, start by describing your strongest benefit. Explain why your application is different from - and better than - your competitors' software.

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