Thursday, September 10, 2015

Tips for Selling
More Software

In face-to-face selling, you must stop talking once you've sold your product or service to your prospects. If you continue selling after the prospect has made a buying decision, you risk losing the sale. Never oversell.

Stop Overselling Your Software

You can lose Internet sales if you oversell, too. When your prospect clicks your "buy now" link, they most likely have their credit card in hand. They're ready to buy your application.

Don't fill your "buy now" page with additional sales information about your software. Your prospect has already decided to become your customer. Send them to your eCommerce company's order form, and close the software sale.

Stop Confusing Software Buyers

Confusing your prospect can lose the software sale just as certainly as overselling can. Don't confuse your website visitors with tech talk. Your prospects don't have to understand the underlying technology to buy your software and use it to solve their business problem. Unless you're marketing power tools to network managers, data administrators, and computer consultants, don't get bogged down in technical details. Sell your software's benefits.

Don't Bore Software Prospects

Advertising guru David Ogilvy says that you can't bore prospects into buying your product or service. Expert salesman Joe Girard, no doubt, would agree. Girard suggests that you say something such as, "Have you sold yourself yet, or should I continue to tell you more?”

Include "buy now" links throughout your website's sales presentation to accomplish the same goal. Sell your application software. But never oversell it.

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