Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Writing Software Marketing Messages

In her excellent book "Words Fail Me," author Patricia T. O'Conner gives us writing advice that we can use in our blogs, newsletters, website pages, and in all of our writing.

Carve out enough time to write well, O'Conner advises. Write when it's time to write. Don't wait until you feel inspired. Start writing, and the inspiration will flow. I agree with O'Conner. The best cure for writer's block is to start writing. Write something simple, and you'll soon feel comfortable writing the complex material.

Realize that your first draft will have a lot of rough edges. "Write a first draft as though you were thinking aloud, not carving a monument," O'Conner tells us.

Every sentence has to be understood by the people in our target audience. When I can't find a way to explain something to every subgroup in my target audience, I find a way to send people, niche by niche, to pages that are tailored to them. I talk to the tech people in tech talk, and I talk to business people in simple business English.

Intelligible sentences are always more effective than cute or clever ones. It's simple to write flashy or complicated sentences. It requires real work to write clearly and crisply.

Take breaks, O'Conner tells us. They're part of the writing process. I believe that they're part of software marketing.

Work hard, she urges. It pays.

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