Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Objections to Buying Your Software

In his book "How to Close Every Sale," Joe Girard lists the six most common objections that every sales person has to deal with. microISVs need to anticipate these questions to their online sales presentations, too, and make sure that prospects can easily find answers to these issues.

(1) I can't afford it. 

Some people are hooked on freeware, and they simply won't buy your software. They'd rather spend time installing free software than spend a few dollars to buy your application.

If you're marketing business software, tell your prospects how your application will pay for itself.

If you're offering games or entertainment software, tell your website visitors that they deserve to enjoy your software.

(2) I want to talk it over with my spouse.

Empower your prospect. Tell him or her that they make decisions every day that have a larger impact on their lives than the decision to purchase your application. Remind them that they don't need approval to make such an affordable purchase.

(3) I have a good friend in the business.

While this objection is not likely to come up in the sale of an off-the-shelf software application, a lot of people want to check with their tech-savvy family member or business colleague before buying your program. Use your money-back guarantee to nudge them in the right direction.

(4) I want to shop around.

Remind visitors of the value of their time. Summarize your software's main benefits, and tell prospects that you deliver everything that people have come to expect in an application like yours.

(5) Give me some brochures, and I'll get back to you.

Again, you won't get this objection online. But you can sell more software if your online sales presentation is crisp and easy to understand.

(6) I have a specific objection about your product or service.

Be sure that your product page addresses all of the objections that you think your prospects might have.

Your "plan B" should be your FAQs. Invite your website readers to find answers to additional questions on your FAQ page.

Finally, invite prospects to email you with questions that they can't resolve on your website.

The bottom line -

Software developers should anticipate and answer objections on their web pages. The result will be higher software sales.

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