Friday, November 20, 2015

Tout Your Software's Benefits,
and Not Its Features

"Lead with your strongest selling point," Mark Stevens declares, "and stay focused on it."

Stevens is the author of the book "Your Marketing Sucks." He implores us to not clutter our marketing message with secondary benefits. Less is more, Stevens believes.

I'm not so sure. I tend to believe that more is more.

Software buyers aren't two-dimensional cardboard figures who can only manage one thought at a time. Prospects have very different needs and desires. I think microISVs have to paint a complex canvas of a better life, with their prospects clearly painted into the picture. Get your prospect to think of herself as a user of your application, and make her understand how your software will make her life more safe and secure, simpler, more productive, more competitive, or whatever benefits your software offers.

More is more. Talk about all of your software's benefits. You'll sell more software.

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